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Learn to ride a Motorcycle at The Bob Driving School

So you wanna feel the freedom of driving a motorcycle? Come to The Bob Driving School, the best and most fun school in Dordrecht. Our passionate instructor will you how to ride a motorcycle in a safe and responsible way.

Start with a Trial Lesson

You will start your course with a trial lesson. This lesson takes 100 minutes and costs €50,-. During this lesson you will get to know the motorcycle. The instructor will test your abilities, such as vehicle control and traffic insight. Followingly, the instructior will estimate how many lessons you will need. Based on this estimation, you can choose the ideal driving lessons package for obtaining your driving license.

Theory Exam

Before you can take part in the AVB-exam, you will have to do your theory exam at the CBR. This exam consists of 50 questions, of which you must give at least 44 correct anwers.

Vehicle Control (AVB)

The first lessons will take place on a parking lot. Here you will learn how to control your motorcycle. In preparation of the first exam (AVB, vehicle control) you will have to learn 12 different exercises. This includes turning, braking and parking. At the end of each lesson, the instructor will inform you about your progress. Thus, you will always know your strenghts and weaknesses.

When you are ready, you will take the AVB exam. The examiner will give you 7 exercises. If you pass you can continue with the next part, the AVD (traffic participation).

Traffic Participation (AVD)

During these lessons, you will take part in traffic. In this way, you will learn how to participate in traffic, follow the rules, drive on the highway and so on.

At the end of the course you will have to show the examiner that you can drive in a save and responsible way. During the AVD exam you will drive a route of 35 minutes. The examiner will pay attention to your traffic participation and anticipation. After the ride the examiner will tell you the outcome.

Our Sharp Prices

All our lessons include the use of our high quality motorcycles, helmets and suits.

Package A
5 lessons of 90 minutes
Including AVB-exam
Package B
5 lessons of 90 minutes
Including AVD-exam
Package C
15 lessons of 90 minutes
Including AVB & AVD exams
Package D
20 lessons of 90 minutes
Including AVB & AVD exams

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